Reducing the gender pay gap

Sep 6, 2018 | Ethics

At Ethical Branding and Website Design (a collective made up of “mostly” men!) we are baffled how in 2018 women are still paid less than men, and in most cases for doing the same job! In South Africa that figure is between 23-27% less than men.

Globally the trend is worse. The UK reports pay gaps of staggeringly high figures.  In the US, women earn between 13-46% less than men and on a sliding scale determined by race which makes it even more shocking!


There is some good news! As of 5 September 2018, The World Surf League has announced equal pay for men and women across all WSL controlled events – a HUGE step forward – hopefully many other sports (and companies) will follow suit soon!


Still our favourite video on the subject!

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