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by | Sep 16, 2018 | Environment, Ethics, Green economy, Sustainable

We recently came across the smartest, coolest, and easiest way to make a positive impact on the environment by simply doing what you do countless times daily!

All you need to do is switch your internet search tool from Google to Ecosia and every [roughly] 45 searches you do online will result in one tree being planted. How? Ecosia donates at least 80% of advertising revenue to planting trees. Why? Trees are great absorbers of Co2, improve the soil beneath them, provide shade and food animals and humans, improve the local environment through improved water label and microclimates. Global warming is real and we (yes you and me!) need to do something about it.

The search engine is powered by Bing (Microsoft) and having tested it we can honestly say it’s pretty good – a little different to Google but all new things take a little of getting used to.

At the time of writing Ecosia has planted 37, 535, 947 trees. They have transparent business dealings which you can review for yourself. Check out Ecosia on Wikipedia.

Switch now!

Make a very small change to make a very big difference. There’s so much to love here – switch now!

  1. Switch using Chrome
  2. Switch using other web browsers
  3. Don’t forget to Download the App for your phone too!


10 reasons to choose us!

  1. We truly want to make the world a better place
  2. Our websites are hosted on 100% renewable energy website servers
  3. We provide a free Ethical checklist to all our clients – to help you be more ethically and environmentally minded at home and in business
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