COVID-19 Liquor Trade


28-page publication, A2 Posters, Social media banners

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Publication, brochure, graphic design, illustration, infographics

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We work closely with TEA on a variety of projects – they always bring a high level of design quality and thinking to their work and are always able to respond quickly to feedback and deadlines.

Danielle Melville

Special projects, Aware.org


The Association for Alcohol Responsibility and Education (aware.org) is the alcohol industry’s response to concerns regarding alcohol misuse and abuse.

Alcohol consumption is a normal part of social gatherings in our culture and is meant to be enjoyed. Unfortunately, as with many things meant for enjoyment, some people overdo it. Binge drinking often results in problems – some of which can be quite critical in nature. The industry has embraced this responsibility by teaming up with aware.org to educate and improve drinking behavior within communities. This is achieved through targeted interventions, which aim to curb and prevent the harm caused by alcohol abuse.

We were tasked with designing a campaign consisting of a booklet and posters detailing the precautions, risks, and laws that retailers need to take when selling alcohol during the Covid-19 crisis.