Website design and development process

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At The Ethical Agency, we have been building websites for over a decade. The best experience between client and provider is one when good communication and planning are involved. We need to fully understand your business, requirements, and expectations so that we can best provide an effective solution that promotes your business or project. As a result, we have outlined our process which helps to ensure your website design-build project runs as smoothly as is possible.

1. Consultation and planning

We will need to establish your requirements and agree on the scope of work we will be providing.

2. SEO research

Search engine optimisation is a key feature in your marketing plan – it is essential that we build the text content and website structure around keywords that will help you to be easily found on Google for your key service offering.

3. Developing the website structure

We will create a sitemap and wireframes which will illustrate what your website will do and how your users will interact with the website.

4. Content creation

The client is usually responsible for providing content (text and images for website pages). We can help where necessary. Website text will need to be written specifically to implement the results of the SEO keyword research.

5. Website design

In the off-the-shelf website offering, we will provide template designs for you to choose from. For a bespoke website design, we will design look and feel pages for your review – once the home page is approved we will design the remaining pages of your website.

6. Website build

Once the website design is approved, we need to physically build the website. This is the most technical aspect of the process and will take the longest amount of time. This includes building both the front-end and back-end of your website. We will ensure the website works well on desktop and mobile devices.

7. Testing

During the website build and once the website is complete, both us as developers and you the client are responsible for testing the website thoroughly. Within the first month, we will fix any bugs found in the website for free.

8. Training & maintenance

Where clients would like to manage new website content addition themselves, some training will need to be provided in order to edit the CMS (back-end of the website). All websites require periodic maintenance in order to keep the software up to date and reduce the risk of hacking. We encourage our clients to sign up for a maintenance contract in order to cover maintenance, support and minor bug fixing.

Detailed web design and development process

We have also produced an Extensive Website Design and Development process document for large and complex projects – for those clients who are curious to explore the intricacies of large website projects.