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The Ethial Agency is proud to be the Green Web Foundation’s only South African and African verified green website hosting provider. 

As a specialist WordPress website development agency we take care of 100% of your domain management and website hosting needs. The truth is, our insatiable desire for everything digital and our business requirements to be visible online does come at a cost. The millions of servers and data centres around the world all use energy which is fuelling our dependency on fossil fuels and increasing manufacturing in ways never seen before. In short, having a website and a social media pages is contributing to global warming.

You cannot control much of where the energy used to produce your products and services come from – you can, however, choose green website hosting. We offer this eco-friendly website hosting service to both South African and international clients.

Why you should host your website with green website hosting.

The website hosting industry is producing more environmental pollution than the airline industry – let that one sink in. The biggest reason to go green!

  1. A webserver produces more C02 annually than a car – let that one sink in too… 
  2. Combined, data centres use more energy than multiple nuclear plants – and that is just in the U.S.A.
  3. Most data centres are pulling energy directly from the electricity grid, which is mostly powered by fossil fuels.
  4. Using renewable energy to host your website will promote your brand reputation – projecting your green credentials will say a lot about your organisation.
  5. Ditch the sleeping pills – you’ll get a much better night’s rest knowing your website isn’t contributing to harming our planet! 


Green website hosting, South Africa

The choice is yours

If you are about to commission a website or would consider moving your existing one, we hope that you go the green route and choose a provider who can supply green website hosting for your website. 

How do we do it?

We calculate an estimated annual electricity usage for the web server(s) that host our client’s websites, and we purchase one year’s renewable energy in advance to offset that usage. Do we have a wind turbine powering the building where our web servers are housed? No. It is not possible to purchase green electricity, and direct it in the electricity grid to a specific building. We purchase renewable electricity from Darling Wind Farm in the Western Cape, thereby contributing to the green economy in South Africa and adding clean electricity to an otherwise, and mostly dirty grid.

In addition we use a content delivery network to deliver a website’s content to every corner of the globe, quickly and sustainably using CloudFlare. Their goal is simple: help build a better, greener Internet with no carbon emissions that is powered by renewable energy. You can follow CloudFlare’s own impressive emission offset updates.

> VIEW: The Ethical Agency’s current electricity certificate
> VIEW: data on renewable energy claims

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THE STATISTICS: "Nearly every action performed on the internet has the cost of a resultant carbon emission: making a Google search emits .2g of CO2, watching a YouTube video for only 10 minutes emits 1g of CO2, and simply owning a Gmail account for a year emits 1200g of CO2.

Unfortunately the inner-workings of all the data connections taking place each time we click are hidden from view and it’s difficult to truly comprehend the magnitude of scale when it comes to energy usage, technological production, electronic disposal and all that goes along with it. To quote Al Gore, “It really is an inconvenient truth.” Some scary reading below:

  1. TIME: Your Data Is Dirty: The Carbon Price of Cloud Computing
  2. The Guardian: How viral cat videos are warming the planet
  3. The environmental impacts of server hosts
  4. It isn’t just the servers one need to consider, it’s all the peripheral requirements of packaging, maintenance, and disposal etc. You can read on article on 8 Ways Data Center Environmental Impact Goes Beyond Emissions
  5. The Environmental Toll of a Netflix Binge

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Mwendo Wanga High
Mwendo Wanga High
Mrs Stella Robinson my best ever recommendation.Never imagined getting so much profits within a short period of time , it happened surprisingly I got it , this is huge for me and super happy and excited for this win , it’s a great start for me in line of trade, you been a genius trader Mrs... Stella.You finally put a smile on my face , despite telling you my problems you didn’t take advantage of me thanks a lot Mrs Stella Robinson, You can reach her On WhatsApp:+1(951)703-7360Email: read more
Marc Sherratt
Marc Sherratt
Brett is a highly detailed and reliable professional that helped us achieve a well crafted website for our architectural firm. I strongly recommend him.
Scott Rogers
Scott Rogers
I've worked with Brett and his team for over a year and their customer service is excellent. They deal with queries and changes swiftly and are extremely easy and enjoyable to do business with. Thanks Ethical Branding.
Robert Worthington
Robert Worthington
Brett helped us develop a set of new icons for our software platform. Was great working with him and very happy with the results.
Melanie Esterhuizen
Melanie Esterhuizen
Brett is very reliable and great at what he does - I'd highly recommend him.
Nina Sierra Rubia
Nina Sierra Rubia
Great mission, great prices, great work!
Trenton Birch
Trenton Birch
Great company, always deliver and care about what they do and our planet
Richard Mills
Richard Mills
We have worked with Brett on a number of projects in the last 5 years the most notable our website He is always very responsive, brings great fresh new ideas with a sense of humour. He strives for excellence and professionalism in all that he does. We continue to have a great... working more
Bianca Kaiser
Bianca Kaiser
I have been working with Brett for years on various projects and would 100% recommend him. He is super reliable, always goes the extra mile and works at lightening speed when the pressure is on.
Noel Da Costa
Noel Da Costa
Brett and I have been working together for years. Unfailingly reliable and always willing to go the extra mile with a smile. I'm a big fan of Ethical Branding. 📢
Lee-Roy Davids
Lee-Roy Davids
Their work ethic is like none other! Professional and turn around time is out of this world!
Lungi Mthethwa
Lungi Mthethwa
I have been working with Brett since last year and I must say that I am super impressed with his creativity and services. He is always on the ball, works ahead of time and loves to brainstorm new concepts. Ethical Branding is amazing and I would definitely recommend it to anyone!
Elmari Dell
Elmari Dell
Ethical Branding managed to define exactly what we wanted as the brief was influenced by a number of people. Proposals were presented in no time and we appreciated the clear professional guidance and enthusiasm with which Brett handled us. Our first steps were cautious, but it was easy to let go... and rely on his amazing creativity and experience. We also tested his patience to the more
Mark Patrick Bland
Mark Patrick Bland
These guys turned around my CI (Corporate Identity) and website in no time at all, delivered exactly on brief, went above and beyond and just understood what I was wanting from the get go. Love what you guys did for our TASTE Walking Tours - thank you!
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