Sustainable design

How we can help you

We help nurture authentic engagement between your brand and your audiences. Your digital presence is our business and with our skills and experience, we orchestrate a positive user experience at every stage of interaction with your brand.

How do we do that?

We are a tribe of expert graphic designers, website developers, brand consultants, and digital marketing specialists. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, grow their businesses and provide them with digital solutions for problems they didn’t know they had.

How are we different?

With decades of experience in our field, and a combined passion for sustainability and innovation, our team is equally committed to growing your business as it is to leaving the lightest possible footprint on the planet. Our agile team provides high-quality, inspired work with faster turnaround times and guaranteed results. Our company is powered by renewable energy as we strive to be a sustainable and ethical business – embark on that journey with us!

A selection of our clients

Sustainable graphic design and illustration

Sustainable graphic design for print (publications, flyers, posters, packaging design), digital (infographics, website graphics) and social media (social media banners and Google ads). Our foot-print is light, and therefore your design is eco-friendly.

Sustainable website design and maintenance

Experienced WordPress website designers and developers. We provide e-commerce services and high levels of security with FREE SSL certificates. We can register your domain, host and maintain your website. We host our websites on green website hosting – websites powered by renewable energy.

Logos and branding

Logos, corporate identities, brand guidelines, and stationery. See our branding page for logos designed – one of the most fun aspects of eco-friendly design – we love bringing our client’s brand to life, let us help you with yours.

Digital marketing

Search engine optimisation (SEO), Google analytics, social media management, pay-per-click advertising, and email marketing. Content production, article writing and design of captivating banners and adverts for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google ads.

Environmentally sustainable design

Ensuring your design and marketing needs are performed sustainably with the lightest footprint on the planet, we offer renewable energy website (and email) hosting, print-free campaigns and sustainable printing. We are a carbon-zero business and offset all our electricity usage with renewable energy from Darling Wind Farm. We also employ sustainable design practices and use ethical suppliers.

A selection of our work

Would you like to host your website powered by renewable energy?

Satisfied Clients

Danielle Melville
Danielle Melville
We work closely with TEA on a variety of projects – they always bring a high level of design quality and thinking to their work and are always able to respond quickly to feedback and deadlines. The also always aim to deliver over and above the ask.
Nicholas Fordyce
Nicholas Fordyce
I have been fortunate enough to work with Brett and his team from the Ethical Agency. Aside from providing a really first class design and website management service, Brett and his team also focus only on working on brands that promote an environmnetally sustainable and socially inclusive present and future. I admire the morality of this approach, and I look forward to continue working with TEA in the years to come
Chrystal Dryding
Chrystal Dryding
We can highly recommend TEA - innovative designs, collaborative teamwork, quick turnaround time. A small but dynamic professional team who are super efficient and detail orientated. We look forward to working with them in the near future.
Cilnette Pienaar
Cilnette Pienaar
We have been working with The Ethical Agency over the past year on the South African Plastics Pact consumer communications campaign, as well as GreenCape’s brand refresh, with a few other video, design and web projects in the pipeline. They have been spot-on with their creative direction, and produce high quality final deliverables. They are also very flexible with managing our super pedantic feedback, which we appreciate! We enjoy working with Brett and his team, and we value the alignment of their brand ethos with ours.
Felicity Pegram
Felicity Pegram
The Ethical Agency have worked on the brand for less than one year. However, they have been able to quickly assimilate and understand the brand, with its many nuances and areas of focus. Brett and his team are great to work with – they are professional, with expertise abound and consistently turn work out timeously. They ask the right questions to ensure that the brief sent to them is understood, as well as producing quality work with strength of concept and impact. We would most certainly recommend working with The Ethical Agency team for all website, conceptual, design, layout and brand projects.
Nicola Feuilherade
Nicola Feuilherade
Great team to work with!

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