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We can highly recommend TEA – innovative designs, collaborative teamwork, quick turnaround time. A small but dynamic professional team who are super efficient and detail orientated. We can highly recommend this agency and we look forward to working with them in the near future.

Chrystal Dryding

Supplements & Special Projects Manager, Mail & Guardian

On Trend Magazine 2021

The third issue of Mail & Guardian #OnTrend explores “Beyond Borders” – choose to celebrate the exceptional work of local businesses, artisans and producers of all kinds.

Included with the newspaper’s 10 December issue, the magazine presents a mix of engaging, longer-form reads with reviews, style edits and guides to the season’s must-tries.

Having a platform to showcase creativity and perseverance is a privilege that we don’t take lightly. A brand changing the business of beauty. Places with purpose. A culinary school with a special mission. Winemakers challenging the status quo. While a few of these stories are told in some depth on our pages, there are plenty more whose appearances are limited to the surface level: their polished finished product, without a glimpse into what goes into its making. Behind every place and piece are the people who’ve brought it into being with no shortage of inspiration, innovation and persistence.

With reviews and edits ranging from artistic Cars collaborations, Tech with big ambitions, and alternative investments, to Style and Design for a laidback season at the end of a long year, #OnTrend promises pleasant moments of entertainment and escape as well as some inspiration to reshape our collective reality.

At this unusual year-end, it feels strange to contemplate a season of comfort and joy, let alone celebration. South Africa is open for business, but it’s not business as usual. But what better time to cheer on unsung heroes and ensure that everyone is given their flowers? In your gifting choices, your last-minute plans for the season and what you share, you can choose to celebrate the exceptional work of local businesses, artisans, and producers of all kinds. “Carry on as you are” doesn’t equal complacency; it means keeping on at what you do best. Cayleigh Bright

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