Ethical check-list

Ethics are our brand and we are ethics. With conducting ethical business and living an ethical lifestyle being at our core, we strive to be leaders in ethical and sustainable business.  Our tribe are honest and transparent in our interactions, we encourage and participate in kind and candid communication and we support and take care of one another. We care about the impact of our actions on the planet. 

We are continuously evolving as is the way that the world works, but there are some elements of ethics that remain and will forever remain unchanged. 

Our team has developed a simple list of ethical behaviours as a blueprint for ethical standards

Check out our list and if you aren’t ticking off the majority of these, get in touch and let us guide you to a more ethical and sustainable existence.

  • Create and maintain a healthy, inclusive and safe working environment for all employees 
  • Pay fair and market-related salaries to employees – did you know that over 55% of our population is living in poverty with  14 million experiencing food poverty? 
  • Create fair and sustainable partnership agreements and payments with suppliers and partners 
  • Promote and support equal pay and opportunities for women in the workplace – did you know that South Africa has a median gender pay gap of between 23% and 35%
  • Create systems, policies and a culture that values integrity and transparency 
  • Work on reducing your carbon emissions as an organisation – consider consulting with a green audit specialist (or conduct your own waste, energy, transport, and supply chain audit) – reach out to us for recommendations
  • Create a circular economy within your organisation and beyond by embracing the six R’s at all times – recycle, reduce, reuse, refuse, repair, and rethink 
  • As is possible, refrain from printing and if you must, use eco-friendly office printers or print shops that utilise recycled paper and non-toxic vegetable inks. Did you know that 10 litres of water are used to produce a single A4 sheet of paper? Paper accounts for around 26% of total waste at landfills! 
  • The first step to becoming a more sustainable organisation is to host your website on a server powered by renewable energy
  • Empower and educate yourself on how the materials and labour are sourced for the products that you procure; ask yourself if they are sustainably and ethically produced and be aware of greenwashing 
  • Protect data and follow relevant POPIA guidelines 

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