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End Water Poverty – brand refresh

The Ethical Agency was approached in 2022 to help with a brand refresh and the build of a new website with specific technical requirements.

In reviewing the EWP logo, The Ethical Agency saw room for improvement, an evolution of the logo, rather than an evolution. The brand was well known and we did want to lose the existing brand recognition and loyalty.

The issue: The hand was too dominant which created a sense of imbalance. The name and Call To Action was not coming through strong enough.

What did we do? We opted for a more symmetrically shaped hand & water droplet which makes for a more refined & balanced representation. We reshaped the icon so that the droplets speaks to the issue and the hand speaks to the action. We also reshaped the hand and droplet to be more symmetrical. Overall resulting in a more impactful and balanced logo.

End Water Poverty logo rebranding - graphic design

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