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We work closely with TEA on a variety of projects – they always bring a high level of design quality and thinking to their work and are always able to respond quickly to feedback and deadlines.

Danielle Melville

Special projects, AWARE.org


In line with the alcohol industry’s Social Compact in relation to the Underage ID Age Verification programme and with an increased focus by Government on the scourge of Underage Drinking in South Africa, there remains a clear need to prioritise the visible compliance to the legal requirement of no underage alcohol sales.

In response, an Underage ID Verification Toolkit was developed with aware.org.za – for use by the alcohol industry – on digital and social media platforms, all alcohol marketing collateral, as well as in physical trade and retail environments. The toolkit is designed to demonstrate visible and voluntary compliance (in both in-store and online environments) to not sell alcohol to minors and to alert the trade, retailers, adults/legal consumers and related parties to the law that applies in this regard.

TEA was commissioned to produce the toolkit comprised logo elements, including a style guide, as well as physical collateral for in-store use. The logo developed allows for universal and collective application, to demonstrate the alcohol industry’s combined commitment in ensuring that alcohol is not sold to anyone under the age of 18.

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