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Powerful Women 2021


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Just a quick note to thank you for all your hard work on the project – especially your superb design skills that made the overall digital rendering so good. Your work has taken this project to another level – and we are eternally grateful for your efforts. We look forward to working more with you in the future.

Hoosain Karjieker

Chief Executive Officer, The Mail & Guardian

Powerful Women 2021

2021 saw the seventeenth year of this groundbreaking annual project that celebrates 50 ordinary women who do extraordinary things.

In 2019 TEA was commissioned to produce the website for this illustrious initiative. In 2020, and 2021, in addition to the website, we were asked to design the 40-page print supplement that accompanies the weekly national newspaper. The brief was to formulate a timeless and classic look and feel to last a number of years.

QR codes are printed with each winner profile so that viewers can scan the code in the print supplement and be taken to each online profile on the website.

TEA was also commissioned to design and build the website for mobile audiences. A mobile 1st approach was undertaken which tied into the QR codes implemented in the print supplement.

In addition TEA designed the social media campaign graphics, video and webinar assets.