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by | Nov 17, 2023 | Awards, Environment, Website design

The Ethical Agency is proud to be South Africa and Africa’s first and only organisation recognised by The Green Web Foundation as providing green (renewable energy powered) website hosting.

The Green Web Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation that tracks how much of the internet runs on green energy. With a mission geared toward achieving a fossil-free internet by 2030, it maintains the world’s most extensive open database encompassing websites that run on renewable energy. They offer open-source tools to manage the environmental impact of digital services, support movement leaders, and policymakers to effectively frame the conversation, and advocate for a sustainable and just internet. See a list of Green Hosting Suppliers in the Green Web Directory 

Websites and social media are hosted on web servers, constituting an industry that consumes significant amounts of energy. What most do not consider is that each time a website page or social media channel is viewed, electricity and energy are required to download the content both ways (the web server serving it to the end-user, and the end user downloading it). The environmental impact of digital activities is increasingly harder to ignore. Digital technologies are responsible for 4% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, and their energy consumption is growing by 9% annually. It is crucial to build websites with lower carbon emissions.[1]

Green (renewable energy-powered) website hosting consumes less energy and emits fewer greenhouse gases than traditional website hosting, reducing the environmental impact of providing internet access and offsetting the carbon footprint created by websites. Contact us today to switch your hosting and maintain your website.

Reducing Scope 3 emissions is challenging, but one can start with your website:

  1. Is your current website development supplier carbon neutral/net zero
  2. Is your website powered by green, renewable energy?

One can do both by working with a website development agency like The Ethical Agency. 

What are scope 3 emissions?

Scope 3 emissions are all indirect emissions (not included in Scope 2) that occur in the value chain of an organisation. Typically, Scope 3 emissions represent the most substantial source of emissions for an organisation. The Greenhouse Gas Protocol outlines 15 categories of Scope 3 emissions.

WordPress website development specialists

The Ethical Agency are specialist WordPress website developers who design, develop, host, and maintain WordPress websites. Our work doesn’t stop once your website goes live; our aftercare monthly website maintenance service will keep your website secure, up-to-date, and always ready for business.


[1], 2019. The environmental footprint of the digital world. p.12.