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I have worked with The Ethical Agency on several projects now and am blown away by their ability to reflect sustainability concerns in their designs and image selection. A great, deadline-driven team to work with.

Jennifer Stastny

Sustainable Development | Specialist researcher, writer and editor, Independent

Environmental Justice Fund – Annual Report 2023

The Ethical Agency are publication design specialists and enjoyed the opportunity to design a rich and engaging annual report for the Environmental Justice Fund of South Africa. We helped the content and subject matter come to life with strong design principles, layered content and engaging design.

TEA are long-time collaborators of the EJF, having provided logo design and website development services over the years.

The Environmental Justice Fund (EJF) exists to support and strengthen community efforts to protect the environment, advance environmental rights, and respond to the climate crisis in South Africa. EJF is a group of environmental activists and social justice lawyers who are committed to addressing the inequalities brought about by environmental injustice.

At EJF they believe that supporting those most affected by environmental inequalities to design and implement their own responses, is their best chance of reversing the tide of environmental destruction and building a more sustainable and just world.

Their objective is to strengthen the environmental justice movement in South Africa by providing funding, capacity-building and networking support to community-based organisations and community networks working to advance environmental justice in South Africa.

EJF publication design – cover
EJF publication design – page 3
EJF publication design – page 2
EJF publication design – page 1
EJF publication design – page 4

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