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We have been working with The Ethical Agency for many years – they have been spot-on with their creative direction, and produce high quality deliverables. They are also very flexible with managing our super pedantic feedback, which we appreciate! We enjoy working with Brett and his team, and we value the alignment of their brand ethos with ours.

Cilnette Pienaar

Head of Communications & Publishing, GreenCape

GreenCape Market Intelligence Reports (2024) MIRs

GreenCape is the circular economy expert in South Africa. Each year, they publish their Market Intelligence Reports (MIRs), which showcase the latest market and industry information related to key sectors, including Energy Services, Electric Vehicles, Large-scale Renewable Energy, Sustainable Agriculture, and Water.

Traditionally, each year, a publication was designed, but it became evident that the data changes frequently, and to have the most up-to-date data available, large sections of the publications needed to be published on web pages so they could be frequently updated. As a long-time partner of GreenCape, and the company responsible for the development of GreenCape’s website, The Ethical Agency was the perfect partner to bring the project to realisation.

In 2024, we worked closely with the GreenCape team to redesign the PDF publications and build a dynamic area on the GreenCape website to house live/current data that can be easily updated by GreenCape.

See below for pages from the publications as well as one of the sector pages:

GreenCape Market Intelligence Report (MIRs) 1
GreenCape Market Intelligence Report (MIRs) 8
GreenCape Market Intelligence Report (MIRs) 2
GreenCape Market Intelligence Report (MIRs) 3
GreenCape Market Intelligence Report (MIRs) 4
GreenCape Market Intelligence Report (MIRs) 5
GreenCape Market Intelligence Report (MIRs) 6

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