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I have really enjoyed working with The Ethical Agency. They have been professional and friendly and really helped elevate the brand identity of our new venture. Thank you to Brett and his star team.

Dr Michelle Shields

Communications Officer, ACDI, SEEC, University of Cape Town

Stonebridge Herbal Tea – brand development

TEA was delighted to help design the branding for this unique new tea company specialising in an indigenous flavour, Artemisia Afra. TEA’s work can be seen through the logo, packaging design concepts, and website design.

Stonebridge Herbal Tea expertly crafts blends of Rooibos and Artemisia Afra designed to provide customers with the natural antioxidants of Rooibos and the supportive health benefits of Artemisia Afra, a widely used African plant known for its antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Their Artemisia Afra (also known as Mhlonyane, Lengana, Wilde Als and African Wormwood) is cultivated and produced in the pristine environments of the Easter Cape highlands and has been integral to indigenous health and wellness for countless generations.

The name Stonebridge refers to a quaint and beautiful stone bridge located on the farm.

StoneBridge Herbal Tea logo
Stone Bridge Herbal Tea Logo Design Mock up
Stone Bridge Herbal Tea Website Design Mock up
Stone Bridge Herbal Tea packaging design – CHAI
Stone Bridge Herbal Tea packaging design – ROOIBOS
Stone Bridge Herbal Tea packaging design – LEMON
Final packaging designs not designed by TEA.

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